Italian "Ahura" Collection


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"Class, Style, Elegance, Quality"  are Ahura's Words. The taste for beauty is closely joined by functionality and length of time.


Since the second postwar period, the capability to work at high level both from the technical and the design point of view, brought Ahura to become the reference for research and creations, and led up to extraordinary well-known artistical excellence.

The legend tells us that the beginning of ceramics production goes back to the '400's thanks to the Venice Republic; the documents found tell us that the art of ceramics was born in Nove and Bassano del Grappa during XVII century starting an industry that will impose itself in the world. Ahura was born in 1975 in Italy and is the only one able to produce pieces perfectly decorated with first-quality gold, platinum and Swarovski Crystals.

The family management of Ahura - already at its second generation - guarantees the craftsman like care for every single piece (handmade manufactured and decorated) and a production flexibility unique in its genre.         

There's an intimate pleasure in owning one of Ahura's pieces of art: it gives substance to dreams, a mental place that becomes physical, where there are no boundaries, impressions are layered one over the other and cultures get mixed up…






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